Vote YES on ISSUE 12

The Village of Sugarcreek invites you to VOTE YES for our Fire & EMS Levy known as ISSUE 12. This levy is a five year levy that will need to be voted on again in 5 years and will replace the two current levies from 1987 & 2001. The current levies have not kept pace with rising costs of operating our Fire Department or providing funds for updating and purchases of necessary equipment. We have had to transfer monies from the General Fund to balance the Fire Department budget for the last several years. The Mayor and Council have stretched every dollar they can but the time has come to ask our residents to fully fund their Fire Department.

EMS service is provided by a contract with the Swiss Valley Ambulance District and is paid for by the current levies. The new levy will continue to pay for our EMS service. This is not for a Fire District, it is only for the Village of Sugarcreek Fire Department.

 We truly appreciate the support of all our residents and we are responsibly seeking to provide the best possible emergency services through the update of the levies.