Vote YES on ISSUE 6

The Village of Sugarcreek invites you to VOTE YES for our General Fund Levy known as ISSUE 6. This levy is a five year levy that will need to be voted on again in 5 years and will replace the current levy from 1975 & 1980. The original levy was approved as a 1.7 mil levy for General Expenses in 1975 and in 1980 was raised to the current 2.0 mil value. The current levy has not kept pace with rising costs of expenses for line items related to Police Protection and Trash removal services provided by the Village of Sugarcreek.

Just last year an additional $150,000 from the General Fund was added to the Street Maintenance Budget to increase the Street Paving schedule for 2015. This year an additional $200,000 has been budgeted for Street Paving alone.

Currently the levy only has an Effective Rate of 0.8 mil. We cannot continue to maintain the level of services provided by the General Fund without a needed update to the current value of the levy.

Also due to significant reductions in revenue formerly provided by The State of Ohio Local Funds to Villages and Cities, the budget is further being strained to keep up with the increased costs of maintaining our valuable buildings and assets. The Mayor and Council have stretched every dollar they can but the time has come to ask our residents to renew their support of this important fund.

We truly appreciate the support of all our residents and we are responsibly seeking to provide the best possible solutions for maintaining the services we all value.

We need your help and your continued support please Vote Yes!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact anyone at Village Hall or any Council Member.