Sugarcreek Village Garage Sales

Visit a local business or the Information Desk at The Alpine Hills Museum to pick up your map or just follow the signs to find a bargain at one of the many garage sales going on throughout the weekend.  Husband holding you back? Drop him off at the Vintage Garden Tractor Show on Saturday and explore the bargains on your own. Oct 7th and 8th.

It’s Time to File the Taxes!!

It’s the time of the year to prepare, and file income tax forms with Federal, State, and Local tax agencies. The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) will be administering the collection and processing of our local income tax for individual residents and businesses. This year a new online process seeks to streamline the task for most taxpayers. Instead of printing out forms and mailing or faxing, the available E-File in My Accounts makes the process quick and easy.  All Village residents 18 and older must file a return if they have taxable income, whether or not they owe any additional tax. Seniors who do not have any taxable income should file a one time Individual Declaration of Exemption. Forms are available at the Village Hall and online at Customer service representatives can be reached at 1-800-860-7482 to answer any questions.