Water Hydrant Flushing

The Village of Sugarcreek Water Department will begin water hydrant flushing the week of June 4th for about three days. The flushing will be conducted at night from 10:00pm until 6:00am to minimize service interruption throughout the Village. This is just general maintenance on our water distribution system. Flushing will begin on the west side of town at 10:00 pm June 4th, continue with the center of town on the 5th, and finish on the east side on June 6th. The fourth day, June 7th, will be used as a contingency date to cover any areas not completed.

Water customers are advised that some discoloration is possible but should only be minor at most, and they should check their water before using it for a couple of days following the flushing. If discoloration is detected they should let the water run for several minutes to clear the line.