2018 Village Of Sugarcreek Recycling Program

Let’s Recycle for Sugarcreek. Recyclable materials for Village of Sugarcreek will be collected by Kimble on Wednesdays every other week.  The next pick up date will be May 7, 2018.  Please remember to set your refuse and recycling totes at the curb by 6 A.M. There is no need to bundle your newspapers, cardboard, or any other materials separately. All recyclable materials may be mixed together in your tote.

Only materials collected curbside, and at Village Hall count towards the annual Recycling Totals for Sugarcreek. The Village of Sugarcreek will receive grant dollars from the local Solid Waste District based on the total tons recycled materials. The total tonnage collected is used to determine the amount of rebate the Village receives annually. Kimble has also committed to donating up to $20.00 per ton for all recyclables generated by the curbside recycling program.

If you have more recyclable material than your tote can handle, you can simply drop it off in the bin next to Village Hall. Please refer to the acceptable recyclable material list located on our Documents page under Refuse and Recycling.